BGTB grip



A strong piece ...

which offers security and reliability with difficult clamping or handling processes are toothed BGTB-Grippers. They are suitable for installation in jaws, - chucks and devices as well as in robot grip arms.

The area of application is not only the manufacturing and handling of    poured or forged workpieces but also includes the clamping of flexible workpieces, which may be stressed only with relatively small forces.

The productline is completed by “Plat” workpiece supporting points. They can be used perfectly as wear-resistant points or precise supporting points in handling systems and measuring devices.

folder gripper


The pyramid-shaped tungsten carbide peaks penetrate hard materials. They ensure in an improved adjustment compared to smooth chuckjaws.
The “Grip” and “Plat” tungsten carbide disks are hard
soldered in steel bodies, which are equipped with threads and clamping areas.                            Installations and changings are possible very fast at a small expenditure.