deep drilling

BTA-tool gun drill


An unbelievably far field ...

is the area of application of the deep-hole-drilling technology. Among the boring processes there is no other one, which is so variously and offers for almost each drilling operation a solution. Drillings under 1mm up to over 1500 mm are possible to produce, also depths with more then 200th of the diameter. Qualities are always achieved, which stand out all the classical drilling procedures.

Its standard, to use on problematic drillings the deep drilling technology.

It didnt had much attention up until now, but it convinces definitly also by using lesstime for simple borings good quality and a very the most economical procedure.

folder deep-hole-drilling

BTA-boring tool


During the deep-hole drilling processes coolant fluid is used in large quantities. Therefore the cutting edge is optimally cooled and lubricated. This also makes sure that the chips are flashed out quickly. The tools are eqipped with supporting pads, they provide the best guidance and surface quality. Because of that drilling qualities are only slightly changing by cut wear, particularly in the center deviation.