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An exceptional technology ...

is needed in order to manufacture non cylindrical bores in slim    workpieces. That becomes possible with a special combined manufacturing method. The BGTB chamber-boring-technology combines the perfected technology and economy of the BTA deep-hole drilling process. For tha we use the precision and the versatility of the modern CNC-technology. The  BGTB system consists of three basic components:

- chamber-boring-tool,
- special boring bar
- and CNC drive unit.

It is developed to be used on a modern CNC deep-hole-drilling machine tool. The internal contour can be finished in one setting, starting with e.g. BTA solid drilling process.

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BGTB Chamber-boring-tools are one-edged tools. A great advantage of this is that the handling of the tools is similarly to the interior turning handling. This is possible by our special way to support the tool in the workpiece and by the BGTB short chamber technology. This technology makes it possible to influence and optimize dimension, cutting division, cutting edge geometry and surface quality directly by the user. The conventional technology processing time be reduced to 20 sometimes to 10%.